First Impressions Count

In life, we are brought up to always make a good first impression of yourself. When it comes to selling your property, this is most definitely the case.

Kerb appeal is everything and could make the difference between someone making an enquiry on your property or not. We prefer the former of course!

Some marketers say that people tend to form an opinion on a brand or product in just 6 seconds of their first encounter. This means that whatever you are selling, people need to be able to see what it is and see it in its best light.

Your property is no different!

Most people will use the Internet to start their property search, whether this be through one of the main property portals or perhaps through a google search. Sometimes people will use social media to help find properties too so your property photographs need to really help you sell the property to your prospective buyers.

We have found over the years that people will still look to drive around the area where your property is located first before arranging to view. It seems that people are still conscious of their time and would prefer not to waste this if the location is not right for them.

So, we advise, that you consider looking at your property with an objective mindset as if you were looking to buy your own house. This means standing on the kerbside and asking yourself “Does my property look appealing?”

Here at Reality Estate Agents, we can help you with that objective view point. We do not have the emotional attachment because we, as your estate agent, have a job to do (which we enjoy very much by the way!)

Here are some pointers to get you started:

Tidy, Trim and Cut
We are not referring to your next visit to the hairdressers (however the principle is very similar). Is your front garden neat and tidy? Is the grass cut? Have you tackled any weeds that are poking up out of the soil? Spending some ‘green fingered’ time is time well spent in our opinion.

Are your pathways clear and not obstructed? Can your viewers comfortably walk down your path to your front door without tripping or being obstructed? This may seem like a silly thing to say but you do not want your first impression of your property to be when your viewer tripped over!

If you’re property boasts a two car driveway, ensure your viewers can see this space clearly. Most families have two cars, so this can be a big selling point for you so flaunt it!

Paint and Touch Up
If your viewers can see some faults at your front door before they walk in, will they spend more time looking for further faults inside the house that could affect their decision making process? Remember, the viewing starts when they are outside not walking through the front door so look closer at any areas that could do with some attention.

We thought we would end on a silly but obvious note. Does your doorbell work? We all know that there is nothing most frustrating than trying to work out whether, once pressed, it actually made a sound inside the house.

It’s the small things that can create issues.

Spend some time looking at these objectively and this will help you to make a great first impression.

If you would like us to assist, just ask!