5 Ways To Improve The Saleability Of Your Home

When it comes to selling your property, it is important that everything is just right. We like to be honest with our clients at the point of instruction and we are not afraid to say something that will help make your home more saleability, in our opinion.

After all, we both have the same common goal and that is to get the property sold.

There are likely to be hundreds of ideas to help make your property more saleability, but we decided to stick to just five.

Let’s get started….

First Impressions Count

In life, people tend to make a first impression of a property (or person) in the first 10-15 seconds. We are all human after all so there is no wonder sometimes people can get turned off by something (or someone!) so quickly.

Your property is likely to be judged based on a first impression. That means that the front of the house needs to be clean, tidy and presentable. This is an obvious statement we know (like all of these) but a worthy reminder. You will find that many people will often drive around the outside of a property first before arranging to view. We appreciate that you are not able to change your neighbourhood, but you can change how your property is presented from a kerb side viewpoint. A neatly cut lawn, clear pathways, clean windows and a door bell that works are just a few to get you started. The door bell note is an important. If it doesn’t work, you can almost hear your viewers standing at the door saying, “I wonder what else doesn’t work”.

These positive first impressions get your viewing appointment off to a good start. Start as we mean to go on as they say.

Tidy and Declutter…. please

The awkward moment when an estate agent must tell their client to have a tidy up. We have been there, and nobody wants to appear rude but the relationship you have with your estate agent should be an honest one. Over the years, we have advised many of our clients of this. Remember, we are only saying this because we do not have an emotional attachment. We are professionals with a job to do….. for you!

There is no harm is giving the kitchen a tidy to show off the worktop space or even tidying away the newspapers from the coffee table. We appreciate that you should never put your life on hold just to sell your home but if your property is tidy and your viewers can walk freely through the house without tripping over your belongings, you are onto a good thing.

This also means maintaining the decluttering process as well. A declutter is not just a one off exercise.

Trim Those Bushes

Gardens are always a good selling point. A nice 60 foot garden is ideal for a family so let’s show off the key features. In estate agency school (if there ever was one!!) we always talk about the features and benefits. The feature would be a nicely maintained large garden. The benefit would be that it is a great size for the family and easier to maintain.

Your grass should always be kept trim. The bushes need to be tamed and the pathways edged. We appreciate that a garden is a garden and in the Winter months, there is sometimes very little you can do but there is always something to be done to help improve the saleability of your home.

Nearly everyone has a section of the garden that has been left alone for a while. Tackle this area first. Going back to our first suggestion about first impressions, if a garden needs work, your buyers are likely to start thinking about getting in a professional to work on this for them. That could be a few thousand pounds less on their first offer. Nobody wants to see that!

A Spring Clean Is Not Just For Spring Time

We love the terminology of a ‘Spring Clean’ as this refers original to the cultures of Islam and keeping their property clean during the festivals. To us, in modern day times, it basically means a deep clean. This can be done anytime of the year and we may often recommend you look at areas of the house that needs attention. The less that your viewers can find fault with, the more likely they are to be interested in buying. It can sometimes be as simple as that!

If you are struggling for time, we understand that, we can recommend a local company who may be able to come in and assist you.

Be Super Critical

This is a hard one. Our advice is to start from the kerb side and look back at your house. Is there anything that detracts away from the features and benefits of your home? Then, take a walk through your property and write a list of things to do. Do not tackle this list in one go. It may be demotivating, and the quality of your work may suffer. Get the family involved. Delegate the workload amongst others who are likely to benefit from the result. Make it fun for everyone and set some realistic goals.

Being super critical is tough. If you would like us to do it – we are more than happy to oblige. Just remember that we are not trying to offend you. We want what is best for you and your home.

We hope these top tips are useful but do not hesitate to get in touch if you need some more advice or even book a valuation here online. [link to valuation page]